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Home Legal Expenses


Family/Home Legal Expenses



The Home Legal Expenses Product is specifically designed to provide help and financial assistance if you become involved in a legal dispute, the product cover includes:

• Legal Advice – A Free Legal Advice line is offered for advice on employment issues or accidents at work.

• Employment Disputes – Up to £5,000 for your Legal Costs and Expenses.

• Tax Protection – We will negotiate on your behalf and represent you in any appeal proceedings in respect of a full enquiry by the Inland Revenue into your tax affairs provided the enquiry resulted from your work as an employee.

• Jury Service – Provides protection for your income, salary or wages in respect of your obligations to attend court for jury service.

• Contract Disputes – Negotiation of an insured's rights in a contractual dispute under the buying, hiring or selling of goods.

• Property Protection – Negotiation of legal rights in a civil action relating to material property.

• Legal Costs and Expenses – that you or a member of your family may become liable to pay another party in making a claim for damages or compensation for bodily injury.




This Family Legal Expenses Insurance is underwritten by UK General Insurance Limited, on behalf of Ageas Insurance Limited.